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In some cases, the 3D scene apparently has no rootnode that can be shown or hidden. This happens especially with 3D scans that come straight out of the scan software. These scenes do have a single node at the top of the scenegraph. But you won't be able to manipulate it.

In this example, the top node has the type Group instead of the expected MatrixTransform.

If you want to show or hide the model, you need to get the rootnode with an undocumented method:

api.getRootMatrixNode((err, instanceID) => {});

This function gets instanceID of the rootnode in the scene. You can then use this instanceID to show or hide the model.

This is a side-by-side comparison. The (wrong) rootnode that I can get through the scenegraph won't work to show and hide the model. The rootnode that I get with getRootMatrixNode does work.