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Klaas Nienhuis

Something about Klaas and why he's written these tutorials.

About this site

This site contains a growing collection of tutorials on how to use the Sketchfab Viewer API. The tutorials start at a basic level so everyone with a bit of html and javascript experience can follow along.

For whom?

These tutorials are written for anyone who wants to create interactive experiences on the web with 3D models. You can use 3D models online for e-commerce, education, entertainment, art, architecture, and more. Adding interactive features to your 3D models can make them more engaging and useful.

Why Sketchfab?

Sketchfab offers a great balance in power and convenience. It's easy to make a model look good in Sketchfab, Sketchfab will host the models for you. The API has plenty of features without overwhelming you with capabilities that you won't need.